“Still August Nights” By Katie James

Do you remember when we set the campfire in the summer? The six of us, too much cider, and I was the stranger amongst old friends because I’d barely left the city lights and everything was alien. The fire was all smoke, and heat we didn’t need in the still-bright sun, but we were celebrating …

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“firenze” By Laura Lucas

i’ve come to italy looking for something to lose. something to dig my nails into for once. a kiss on each cheek when you enter the room. the sweetness of friendship. i love to sing the fluttery names of girls with dark curls in their hair. girls who keep helmets beneath their school desks. girls …

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“Florida Birds” By Brandon Best

Past the glass doors and arched coral colonnade, my uncle’s wedding party looks down from the ballroom on the Gulf of Mexico rippling up to the hotel beach. We watch the vacationers in pastel polos loosen the ropes on the docks, releasing their vessels into the water. The wedding minister relied exclusively on Shakespeare for …

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