Submission Guidelines

Submissions are currently closed.

Please Read Carefully Before Submitting!

All work can be submitted to our submission manager powered by Submittable. If you do not have a Submittable account you will have to make one, but it’s free and easy! We have a handy button located at the bottom of this page to get you there quickly.

Due to the limited number of eyes we have available to read the plethora of submissions we receive:

  • The word count for each genre is limited to 2,500 words per piece. If you submit a piece over this limit, it will be declined.
  • You are welcome to submit to each genre, but we ask that you submit no more than one piece per genre. If you submit more than the limit, your submission will be declined.Exceptions to this rule: Nonfiction
  • In the “header” of the Submittable form, please list the name(s) of your piece(s).
  • All submissions should be in a legible, 12-point font, with your name, an email address, and word count in the header.

We accept simultaneous submissions. We only ask that you promptly let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Burnt Pine currently does not accept translation pieces or novel excerpts. Additionally, we absolutely do NOT accept any work that is intentionally hateful, racist, sexist, or bigoted toward any demographic. We also will not accept any work that we believe is unnecessarily vulgar or obscene. While we are open to publishing work that your grandmother may not read, we will not serve as a means for spreading hate of any kind, so please keep taste in mind.

Burnt Pine does not accept work that has been previously published in other journals and magazines (print or online), or personal blogs and websites.

Burnt Pine currently reserves Internet Rights as well as First Serial Rights when publishing work. Immediately after publication all rights revert back to the writer. We will keep all work in our archives, but we will contact you before publishing your work a second time in a new issue or different format. See this helpful link for clarification on the details of publication rights.

Burnt Pine does not currently offer payment to its contributors. However, we promise to promote and boast about you and your work through our social media outlets. Traffic for your work equals traffic for our litzine, a win/win symbiotic relationship!