Issue Four: Spring 2018

Issue 4 Cover

WARNING: There’s some sarcasm in here.

Surprise, surprise reader, it’s Taylor! You know, that one gal who bombards authors with emails about copyediting and more. Sorry about that … wow, it’s been a weird second half of the year. Alex and I both were in school, with Alex taking far more of a bombardment in regard to course load, and I, unfortunately, lost my dog Cashew, and a close friend of mine as well. It’s astounding how life can take a turn.

But hey, welcome to Issue Four of Burnt Pine Magazine! This one was very slow to start, with what I mentioned above, Alex and I had trouble keeping up with submissions because, once again, we had SO many; the amount surpassed our “free” submissions and we had to close our submission period early! CRAZY! Alex and I again, want to thank all of the authors out there for submitting and being patient during this long stretch! We did NOT think it would take this long to publish the spring issue, and wow, we were so close to it actually being a summer issue (the first day of summer is June 21, people!!).

For this time around we decided to create Tip Jar categories that give the submitters a faster response and ample feedback on their submitted work. We also decided to create these categories because Burnt Pine‘s Submittable account costs money and Alex and I are doing this for free. We want to give our authors (and future submitters) the best and easiest to use platform to submit their work to. (plus it gets my dad off my back for saying that I should be doing this for money…) But seriously, Alex and I love that we created Burnt Pine and we will always have “free” categories because both of us believe that there should be an equal opportunity out there for authors.

So you must be thinking, Why is Taylor writing the Letter from the Editor? Well, when looking at the pieces in this issue, (and considering that Alex said that “This is kinda your issue Taylor, you’ve done a lot of work on it”) we noticed that a handful deal with women. And, more specifically, women’s issues and their bodies. I’m curious to know if any of our pieces were inspired by the events that have been happening over the past year (you know what I’m talking about). A Woman Now and River Mud Smell are two that come straight to my mind because of how much I was able to relate. To some, what is said in these pieces may be hard to read, but I think it’s important that we, as a society, become comfortable talking about women and all that comes with being a woman.

Our issue does deal with other topics as well: cancer, death, relationships. Even though these topics may seem generic, it’s how they’re tackled that really surprised Alex and me. I don’t want to give any away by listing the title!!

AGAIN, thank you all so much, whether you’re just tuning in now or have been with us crazy kids since the beginning, for your support and kind words. Burnt Pine Magazine would be nothing without y’all (and for Alex’s parents and mine, and our friends for posting/sharing on Facebook … seriously, you are all amazing!).

So sit back, soak in some sun, and enjoy!


Taylor Navis
Co-founder and Chief Copyeditor of Burnt Pine Magazine

Table of Contents


The Affair •••••• Catherine Yeh
Amino Harm •••••• Olivia Germann
The Autumn Cottage •••••• Russ Lydzinski
Evacuation •••••• Howard Shipley
Icebreaker •••••• Lila Rabinovich
Mama in the Meadow •••••• Jamie Witherby
The Monster in Me •••••• Lauren Monsivais
One for You •••••• Jennifer Todhunter
Stuck •••••• Amy Roberts


Dad’s Library •••••• Kourtney Johnson
Gone Are the Guncles •••••• Brianna J. L. Smyk
The Kitchen •••••• Diane Payne
Rose (or something like that) •••••• Eleanor Rector
River Mud Smell •••••• E. C. Kelly
Yet Another Example of Devoyeurism in Nacogdoches, Texas •••••• Emily Townsend


A Woman Now •••••• Veronica Hough
A Young Woman in Dayton Makes Thanksgiving •••••• Devin McDonough
Better Reasons •••••• Molly Fessler
Buying Her a Drink •••••• George Perreault
Death for You – Remarkably Supple •••••• Indiana Rich
Fentanyl and Cheerios •••••• Phil Lane
How to Digest the News •••••• Ronnie Sirmans
Hunter’s Moon •••••• Jack Bolsen
Klarman, Mclean: Postmortem •••••• Emily Duggan
Marsh Violets •••••• Judith Skillman
To My 9-Year-Old Self •••••• Shenali Wijesinghe
Question #3: Soft Drink Focus Group •••••• Paul Sevigny
Snowflakes •••••• Anna Clark
Standing in Pine Grove Cemetery •••••• John Robinson
The War Rages On •••••• Brittanie Maccarone
1994 •••••• Sheena Carroll