Issue Seven: Spring 2021

Letter from the Editor

Alexander Opgenorth, EIC

Hello reader, Taylor and I are so glad you’ve decided to stop by and check out another issue of Burnt Pine Magazine! As we bring you this seventh issue of dynamic and beautiful writing over the next fourteen days it makes me excited to see how far Burnt Pine’s reach has grown. Issue Seven features writers that represent six different countries and fifteen of the United States. That’s a fraction of the many locations we see writers submitting to us from when we review submissions. It is truly humbling as well as satisfying to see our long hours and hard work bring us to a point where we can say Burnt Pine has become a worldwide platform for literature.

Knowing that Burnt Pine is so connected and accessible to many parts of the world feels even more special as we still find ourselves amid the Covid-19 health pandemic. It’s been a long year of self-quarantining, suspending social engagements and pastimes, and modifying what feels like every aspect of our lives. The world is fatigued and understandably so, but I stand by what I said in my letter from Issue Six that in good times and in bad, reading is always there to provide an escape.

I believe the writing in Issue Seven definitely can provide a momentary escape from the dreary reality we still find ourselves in, yet more importantly, I believe it provides us an opportunity to reflect. We have all grown to realize that it is our human engagement, in the flesh, not through a digital medium that provides substance and importance to our lives. Much of the writing in Issue Seven speaks to that, and I encourage you to look inward and think about your own relationships in life and how you will cherish and nurture them more closely once this pandemic is behind us.

I hope you enjoy all of the work we’ve selected for you in this issue, and I thank you for continuing to support Burnt Pine Magazine and writers around the world.

Alexander Opgenorth,


Lee Matthew Goldberg

J. T. Townley

Taylor Monet Welch

Janie Kronk

Mitch Carver

Jess Lee

Ken Kakareka

Merrill Hatlen

M. E. Proctor


Deborah-Zenha Adams

Maureen Mancini Amaturo

Elaina Battista-Parsons

Robert Detman

Karen Bowers

Madison Block

Andy Betz

Dan Cardoza


Madeleine Trees

Gareth Culshaw

D. E. Kern

Paula K Lewis-Gamble

Hamza Naseer

Durrell Smith

James B. Nicola

Junpei Tarashi

Charissa Roberson

Allison Goldstein

David M. Alper

Lisa Reily

Jason Emde

Tyler Jacobs