alexopgenorthHello, I’m Alexander Opgenorth, and I am one of the cofounders and Editor-in-Chief of Burnt Pine. I am twenty-six years old, and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in English. Along with running this online literary magazine, I help grow grass at a country club in Los Angeles, CA. Fortunately, this litzine affords me the opportunity to fuel my unquenchable thirst for great poetry and stories and keeps me from getting too far removed from the literary world I love and admire. When I am not writing my own work or reading in my free time I enjoy traveling, camping and hiking, golfing, snowboarding, and making great food in the kitchen. I strive to establish Burnt Pine as a leading online literary magazine, and I invite you to become part of our following as well as a contributor to Burnt Pine. My published work can be found in Sheepshead Review.

kassiehsHi! I’m Taylor Navis, and I am the other cofounder and also the Chief Copy Editor of Burnt Pine. I have been a twin for twenty-seven years, and I also completed my undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and graduated with my master’s degree in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College in May 2019. Currently, I am working as a Production Associate for HMH. I have been a lover of books and reading ever since my grandmother introduced me to the public library. My love for writing came later, in high school, along with a love for Lois Lane and everything Superman or superhero related. Obsessions include Supernatural, Doctor Who, Outlander, and Sherlock. I also love football (not the American kind), basketball, and I love to bake. My work has been featured in Sheepshead Review, Sick Lit Magazineand Imperfect Fiction.