Burnt Pine is an online literary magazine. It was founded in 2016 by Alexander Opgenorth and Taylor Navis, two creative writing graduates from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. With a nod to our own small beginnings and love for literature we are devoted to publishing the voices of the very best writers focusing on both undiscovered and established artists.

What We Publish: Our magazine publishes all forms of creative and literary work, so long as they are tasteful and agreeable for the majority of our readership. We do not expect all pieces to be liked, but rather appreciated for the artistic and creative quality they each bring to the magazine. (We are not a suitable literary magazine for work that is geared toward children).

Some general ideas of work we enjoy reading are: refreshing, surprising, uplifting, dark, and fantastical pieces. Any genres, topics, and mythical creations or worlds are accepted and encouraged. We expect to read work that will ignite our imaginations and burn rapidly through our preconceived notions like wildfire through forests of pine. Unchecked and powerful, burning the tangled brush away making room for new life. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us laugh and cry, and make us question. We look forward to reading your submissions.