“Grain” By Durell Smith

with the 
films I don’t remember. 
Blue heavy air
rests on my face
I’m trying to bring 
out unintelligible noise
like two cats fighting 
in the corner of my bedroom.
It is the math. 
The dissonance of
my imagination but 
I couldn’t believe the same words
were pulled out of you. 

Waiting for 
letters while diadems of
flowers are 
They are worth the wait
knowing that I didn’t
send them first but
have found the time 
to reach me. 

Soft wind
touches my skin
and I’m just as 
pessimistic as you. 
This is why it feels like this.
Surprised that the same
disappointments have 
led me here. 

Led to my arm around your body. 
To my hand on your hip
and your hair in my mouth. 

Durell Smith is an Edmonton, Canada based poet writing on the anxieties and frustrations of everyday life. Accepting negativity, using it for fire, and finding hidden beauty in places often forgotten. He frequently performs readings with drone, harsh noise, or ambient musical accompaniment, and is a curator of the Drone & Words performance series.

Published works include the full-length poetry book Marred By The Sun, published by the Aught\Void audio and visual label. Most recently, he was involved in an ambient soundscape and spoken word collaboration album with Norwegian sound designer Kristopher Udekwu, released by the Deep Sea Mining Syndicate label.

All work can be found at https://linktr.ee/DurellSmith.

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