“Mirrors: A Conversation” By Allison Goldstein

You see it again    as    glass,

    the daylight’s

shifting    alliances

each view          a mild


slivered    in        shadow

how quickly  the silver eye    absorbs
    every flaw or       sideways


you search           the raw sea

    for approval,

water     holding      its breath,

in darkness            your skin
green              eyes

gray clouds       lost     in shadow

what will you find,
    seeking shelter

beneath——— this bending


A slight breeze         the curtain shifts —

you float   through      light,

    the image

Now beige,  now         pink.

I seem    almost

      myself        again;

my hands my  head  my

    arms   my feet.

Listen:      you look

    but cannot find

what you are             seeking

any monster  stands  to      reason,

    (but do not trust it)

a glass cage      bears       no

reasonable            shelter

——————–l  after all,       only

    one of    us       here

is                alive.

Allison Goldstein received her MFA from California College of the Arts. She has been published in a variety of literary and cultural publications including Cicatrix: A Journal of Experimentation, Not Very Quiet, Switchback, and Maximum Rock’n’Roll. Allison currently lives and writes in South Florida with her husband and two cats.

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