“Spindle of Anchors” By Erica Schaef

Something about the roots of a thing
enigmatic perplexity
deeply penetrating or inexplicably shallow
always intertwining, always seeking inclusion, always taking more
(aching to be left alone)
bulbous and obscene, they choke out the others in gluttonous absolution
or else shrivel and yield to dirt
nothing in between
I could press them to my lips, run my tongue over their weak edges, and still never taste
what substance was there possibly to a spider’s web
except the intricate weaving of clever design
there could be all the weight of the world there, right down to the molten inner core
encased by the spindly legs of earth
maybe we could hide among them, in soulless rapture

Erica Schaef worked as a Registered Nurse for many years before becoming a stay-at-home parent. Her short stories and poems have been featured by Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Visual Verse, The Showbear Family Circus, and fiftywordstories.com. More of work will published in the upcoming issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly, as well as in forthcoming horror anthologies by Jitter Press (Issue #8,) and HellBound Books (“The Toilet Zone”). She lives in rural Tennessee with her husband and two children.

One thought on ““Spindle of Anchors” By Erica Schaef

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