“Panic!” By Bethany Richmond

Illusions illuminating ill-begotten ignorance,
irrevocably impeding impressions in…in…inhale,
internal inhibitors illustrating ignorance,
ignore it,
irrevocably inconsolable,
incoherent incapacitated incapable…
immediately instantly inescapable,
inward…inward…inner innermost…
incapacitatingly intensifying…
individually idealized immunological imagined impairment,
improving… inhaling…
inductively identifying insurmountable internalized Incurability,

Bethany Richmond is an indigenous poet with publications in The Show Bear Family Circus; Whom (2019), and Burnt Pine Magazine, Winter 2020; Panic! (2020). She is a graduate student residing in California, studying Educational Policy and Evaluation at Arizona State. Five years ago was her debut reading her work at numerous poetry slams around Arizona and California. Bethany’s cultural heritage; Native American (Kumeyaay), Black, German, Irish, French, and Creole, is her muse. As a member of Santa Ysabel Band of Diegueño Mission Indians (Iipay), her ancestry bleeds into her work, provoking her readers to feel, react, and question.

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