“Topless woman steals baby Jesus from Vatican nativity scene” By Timothy Pilgrim

(with a nod to Euronews.com)

Carried carved infant to a boat,
nninnillfloated down the Tiber, him safe
mmmmmmmmin valley between her breasts.

mmmmmmmmmmmShouted her maiden name
was Dante, at Christmas missed
mmmmmmmmmmmnine levels of hell, also Les Baux.

nninnillSaid she alone dared save
mmmmmmmmthe savior. The pope viewed
surveillance video many times,

decreed Jesus could not return —
mmmmmmmma plastic one must fill the role.
mmmmmmmmmmmHer attorney focused on fear —

nninnillalleged priests made threats, stole
her clothes. She had to promise
mmmmmmmmmmmnever to row to shore for more.

Timothy Pilgrim, Bellingham Washington, is a Pacific Northwest poet and a 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee. He has several hundred acceptances from journals like Seattle Review, Third Wednesday, Santa Anna River Review, Windsor Review, Sleet Magazine, San Pedro River Review, Jeopardy and Hobart. He is author of Mapping Water (Flying Trout Press, 2016). See www.timothypilgrim.org for all his poetry.

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