“Still August Nights” By Katie James

Do you remember when we set the campfire in the summer? The six of us, too much cider, and I was the stranger amongst old friends because I’d barely left the city lights and everything was alien. The fire was all smoke, and heat we didn’t need in the still-bright sun, but we were celebrating …

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“Retreat” By Allison Lamberth

Dara had brought seventeen stuffed animals in her mother’s suitcase. One of them—a lion named Tangy—was missing. Joanne shushed her. “We’ll find it later,” she said. “We don’t have time.” Joanne was right. Andrew wanted to play the game. Glory would start in an hour, so they had ten, maybe fifteen minutes before Aunt Lisette …

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“my body is a science experiment” By K.S. Hufford

mitochondria are powerhouses of the cell but even youthful skin breaks under the weight of the sun. the rays, strong and inconsistent, form heat traps like claws that kill membranes and shred cytoplasm to get to the inner walls of the nucleus. lysosomes try to digest nerveless tendrils of light. my body swarmed with waves …

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