“The War Rages On” By Brittanie Maccarone

The war rages on.
The moon and stars are obscured by the
Thick, black smoke.
A rancid, gray haze,
Like a cloak covering the forest floor.
The riverbed is full of nature’s inhabitants,
The river itself, rushing with the violence of the moment,
Presenting a second, powerful danger.
They are trapped, shaking, and terrified.

The flames leap and spread.
Its’ red light casting shadows on the trees it yearns to consume.
Moving shadows betray the location of those unlucky few,
Fatally enclosed in the blaze’s ever-closing walls.
Neither man nor beast can escape or best it;
For fire is the scourge of life and the ultimate weapon.

Yet Nature is not to be defeated;
The mistake of a careless human will not control her realm.
She waits, bides her time,
As her army controls and dominates.
Then it stops, fades, and dies.
The traumatized survivors pick their way through a blanket of ash.
A cold wind shreds the oppressive smoke,
And brings the rain.

Burnt leaves are all that remain of nature’s shelter;
Raindrops a second attack after the defenses are down.
Dirt and ash mix;
Feet, paws, hooves all stick in mud.
Her point is made.
Victory is hers.

The ash from her injury restores the earth,
The insulting rain brings it to life.
Her chastised subjects gratefully feast on the green of her mercy.
Human interlopers approach with caution.
For she is Queen, her dominion over all.
Fire and Water are her generals,
More powerful than any other natural or artificial weapon.

Man hopes to usurp the Queen,
Creatures are ignorant of her power.
Metallic destruction tears through her land.
Disrespect rampant.
When she has reached the limit of her tolerance,
She unleashes her generals.
Balance is restored, yet never secured.
The war rages on.

Brittanie a graduate from Immaculata University who got the courage to submit her work from a creative writing class at her alma mater. Since then Brittanie has been writing short stories and poems on a variety of topics in a variety of genres (Brittanie’s interests are varied). She has been published by “Longshot Island” and a local literary magazine, and has an upcoming publication by “Medusa’s Laugh Press”. Brittanie is also the creator of a website for new writers (also found on social media), “It Starts With Page One”. Brittanie feels that if what is written isn’t important or interesting to the writer, why will it be important or interesting to the reader? 

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