“Hobbits Sing a Mushroom Song”By Angelica Kingsley


Down in the woods you must go
to find where the thing doth grow!
Through the fields and past the weeds
far from the trees that lay their seeds.
Deep in the forest dark and dim
growing in the strangest grim.
Hidden from a hobbit’s view
fully crispened in the dew.
Tender to thy
hands touch,
careful not to
tightly clutch!
Tastes so
tastes so fine,
one shall have it
with some wine!

Growing up on a small hobby farm, Angelica didn’t have a desire to write, but would rather spend time outside with animals. However a college English course caused her perspective to do a 180o, so she abandoned her original path of chemistry and biology. Angelica recently received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in English with emphasis in literature. When she’s not working or glued to writing in her blog, she enjoys drinking coffee, taking random pictures of nature, and running with her dog. Angelica has had a short story published in Musings.
Blog:  https://typingawaywords.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @angellus1325

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