“Dirt” By Kyle Schmidt

Janet Summers, college student, sister

Wesley Summers, high schooler, brother at their house October 13, 2010, the day the Chilean miners were finally saved after being stuck underground for 69 days.


The TV shows the world cheering as the men are released from the earth, but not everyone is so lucky to escape the ground. Mom and dad aren’t. Within their caskets, covered with dirt, polished stones with indents of letters and numbers. A final marker. Wesley and I their lives’ work, but now that they are dead, how will we turn out? He’s not saying a thing, even though he is a talker. He’s staring at the TV with


this wasn’t supposed to be how my senior year in high school went. My cap and gown are hanging in my closet, still encased in plastic. Not a speck of dust or dirt has touched them. Perfectly preserved in their casing. If I never open them, they won’t change. The last image of mom and dad were not right. Janet didn’t say anything, but she must’ve noticed. They appeared to be sleeping. Once they were buried away, that’s how they will stay: sleeping. Not wasting away to dust. The miners escaped that. They proved they were alive, returning from the dirt. But they aren’t untouched. As they are freed, the dirt clings to their skin, blending with the sweat as the cameras glare on.

Kyle Schmidt was born and raised in Wisconsin. He is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. His love of writing came as a result of his love of reading. The works he creates vary greatly in length, anywhere from novella length to flash pieces. Other interests of his include being a cat enthusiast (fueled by his two cats Jamie and Bartholomew), horror film lover, and gamer.

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